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Medals from Rinehart

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: sc-2011-0001-a

Content Description

24 metals objects (mostly artistic medals made by Medallic Art Co., N.Y. for The Society of Medalists) in a box labeled "Medals / From Rinehart"

Acquisition Type



Transferred from Douglas Frost's office, possibly originating in the Rinehart School of Sculpture.

Restrictions Apply



  • Majority of material found in ca. 1900 - 1950


24 items


-- 1. "Oh what are the prizes we perish to win...", 1934, Medallic Art Co., N.Y. Round with ornamented edge. -- 2. "There will be other towers for thee to build", The Society of Medalists twenty second issue 1940, Walker Hancock Sculptor. Round. -- 3. "Awarded to Herbert Adams / 1943", The American Artists Professional League / For American Art. Oval. -- 4. "Pursuit of Happiness / Good Will Toward Men". The Society of Medalists thirty eighth issue 1948, Thomas LoMedico Sculptor. Round. -- 5. "Pro Patria / Pro Humani Tate". The Society of Medalists twenty-third issue 1941, Joseph E. Renier Sculptor. Round. -- 6. "In Affectionate Remembrance of the Celebration..." / Augusta and Augustus Saint Gaudens. One sided, architectural form. -- 7. "Flight". The Society of Medalists twenty sixth issue 1942, Brenda Putnam Sculptor. Round. -- 8. "With Pleasure Pain and the Protagonist / The Dance of Life Begins Early and Goes On". The Society of Medalists seventeenth issue, A. Stirling Calder Sculptor. -- 9. "Too low they build who build beneath the stars / All passes art alone enduring stays to us / The bust outlasts the throne / The coin Tiberius". R.H. Recchia [sculptor]. Round, silver. -- 10. "The Pepsi-Cola Achievement Award To". Medallic Art Co., N.Y. Round, male and female figure on one side. -- 11. "Peace is Life / War is Death". The Society of Medalists 42nd issue 1950. Cecil Howard Sculptor. Round, bronze. -- 12-14. "The great war for civilization / France / Italy / Serbia / Japan / etc.". Round, 3 items, 1 has ring attached. -- 15. "Medal of honor Classen High School Oklahoma City / Anton Henry Classen / MDCCCLXI / MCMXXII". [H.A.?] Sculptor? Round. -- 16. "Commemorative Medal Louisiana Purchase Exposition / ... MCMIV". Triangular with rounded sections. -- 17. Molded wings. -- 18. Ceres' blessing so is on you / JG39 / Scarcity and want shall shun you". The Society of Medalists twentieth issue, John Gregory. -- 19. "Fiat Vita". The Society of Medalists twelfth issue. Round with molded edges. -- 20. "Eternal Vigilance / Destruction". The Society of Medalists thirty-fifth issue 1947, Bruce Moore Sculptor. Round. -- 21. "Rejoice Oh Young Man In Thy Youth / RT 1936". The Society of Medalists thirteenth issue. Round. -- 22. [Unpolished medal with theatrical masks]. Round, one sided. -- 23. "Love not the substance for the shadow / The doves elect a hawk their king". The Society of Medalists twenty- first issue 1940. Edmond Amateis Sculptor. Round. -- 24. "Whatsoever a man soweth / That shall he also reap". The Society of Medalists fifth issue, Lawrie. Round.